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When Fati (our UI/UX designer) designed the app, her redline was to keep the app as simple as she could. Believe me, every little change in the app takes hours of thinking and discussion but still, we decided to consider the slight possibility of confusion for our users when they face the following question at the very beginning: “Which type of bundle fits my needs better?”

Important terminology: Bundle type vs. bundle display

Before continuing the article, it’s important to get on the same page about these two phrases. Every bundle has a “Type” and can be “Displayed” to your customers in different forms or places.

Some displays are not available on some bundle types at the moment but they are planned to be developed in the near future. For example, the Cart popup is not available for the Product Mix and Match yet but it is working for the Standard bundles.

I’m not going to distract you from the main purpose of this article by talking about different displays, instead, we’ll write another article and explain it. This article is supposed to help you at the point you have pressed the green “Create bundle” button and choose between the popped-up choices.

Different types of bundles available in Fast Bundle

Different types of bundles

Bundle (Classic bundle, standard bundle)

The first and most used type of bundle is the Standard Bundle. If you want to create a bundle with fixed products and fixed quantities, this is the one that will do the work for you. So if you want to force your customers to buy all the items to get the discount, create a Standard Bundle.

Simple product bundle, classic bundle, or standard bundle.

Simple product bundle, classic bundle, or standard bundle

The Standard Bundle is supported with all kinds of bundle Displays. You can show the widget on the product page of the products included in the bundle, activate the Cart popup for it, show it on the Bundles page, or you can present the bundle as a combo product on a specific dedicated product page.

Volume Discount

This type of bundle is the simplest to understand. Volume discount refers to the discount that customers get when they buy more than one number of a single product. For example, product X costs $20 individually, but when customers buy 2X they will get 10% off.

The BOGO offer (Buy One Get One) is one of the most famous offers of this type. It’s a volume discount bundle with 2 numbers of the same product with a 50% discount.

Volume discount bundle

Volume discount bundle with different options

Bulk action on Volume discount offers

The special feature that we have provided for our Volume discount is that you can create volume discount offers for all of your products or for a special collection with only a few clicks.

Marketing tips: If you have leftover products or old collections, you can assign them to a new collection and create a hot volume discount for them and show it on every product page of those products.

Collection Mix & Match

This feature is interesting because of its nature. It allows customers to create their own bundles from the items available in one or more collections. If you want to grant the joy of building a bundle, use this type of bundle.

Instead of adding a bundle to the cart, the collection mix-and-match widget will direct customers to a page called the Bundle Builder. There they can add their desired products to their cart and benefit from the discount.

Collection Mix & Match

Collection Mix & Match

The only restriction in this type of bundle is that in the current version, the app is not flexible to handle different quantities. It means that customers are only allowed to buy a certain number of items from each collection. An example will describe it better:

Imagine that you sell clothes on your Shopify. You create a collection mix and match that includes the Tops collections and the Leggings. You also specify that customers must buy 2 tops and one legging to get an X% discount. In this case, customers have to buy exactly 2 tops and 1 legging to get the discount, not more nor less. Also, they are not allowed to buy 1 top and 2 leggings.

Fast Bundle's bundle builder for Shopify stores

The Bundle builder where customers build their own bundle

Yeah, I know. It’s not perfect now. But just for your information, the highest conversion rate belongs to this type of bundle.

Marketing tips: Just like the volume discount, you can create a collection including your old products and set a huge discount on the collection and promote the bundle builder on your home page, and get rid of the excess products. I invite you to read my article explaining how you can create this bundle and promote it to your customers.

Product Mix & Match

This Product Mix and Match is one of our other popular bundles because it’s very flexible and supports many conditions and scenarios. It is almost similar to the Standard Bundle in appearance, but the main conceptual difference is that customers can select/deselect some of the items in the bundle. The bottom line is that they must add a minimum number of items to get the discount.

Product mix and match

Product mix and match

A cool feature of this type of bundle is that you can specify a “required product(s)” for the bundle. It means that you can specify some products as essential products which cannot be deselected from the bundle.

Marketing tips: If your business is built on selling a key product like laptops or printers, create Mix and Match offers that include the main product as the required item and bundle it with a wide range of accessories as optional items.

Frequently Bought Together

This is the famous Amazon-looking Frequently Bought together feature. It adds a horizontal section below the product page that promotes the literally “frequently bought together” products of the main product of that product page.

The Frequently Bought Together section in a product page

The Frequently Bought Together section on a product page

Please note that it is manual now but the ultimate version will be able to change the items automatically. So, the current version is pretty much like the Product Mix and Match bundle but because it’s almost the same as the Amazon version, the presentation on your shop is a very familiar presence of a bundle and has proven its performance in upsell/cross-sell through years.

Conclusion: Which type of bundle fits my business eventually?

I tried to explain the main concept and features of each type of bundle that Fast Bundle supports. The following table gives an overview of these 5 types of bundles that we support currently.

Compare different bundle types with each other

Bundle types overview

Remember that you are the one that is most aware of your business and can determine which type of bundle fits your business the most.

Important notice: please remember that this article is not written to reduce our support load. It’s only supposed to be a quick instruction. So please feel free to ask any questions about the app by contacting our support team at [email protected]

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