Pairing Up for Profits: Your Guide to Buy X Get Y Bundles

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Product bundling can be the way to go, especially if you have a lot of product variety and are looking for relatively easy methods to make more profit. Making bundles is not a complicated concept; they are special offers consisting of two or more products that come together with a special added value. Alongside a Shopify discount code, bundle-making is one of the best ways to encourage purchases.

As the seller, you are the one who sets these values and decides about the form of promotion. One of the more popular forms of bundling is “buy x get y”. As the name shows, this one is about giving a free item to the customer who has bought another one. Buy x get y Shopify bundles are popular and pretty common among sellers and customers. You might have bought products using this bundle, too. Let’s dive in and see what these special offers are all about.

What is buy x get y?

Imagine you have a Shopify store filled with different products, each with a fixed price that might change around holidays and other occasions. Product bundling is a very old trick in the book, which initiates more sales and profit while keeping the customers happy. When you make a bundle, you usually change the volume, pricing, shipping, etc, in a way that benefits the buyer.

Buy x get y is one of the bundling methods used to sell two different products in the form of one package.


This package is shown by a widget that’s available to customers while they are adding the first product to the cart, suggesting that the second product can come with a discount (or completely free). They can select it, or the site can use the auto add to cart button. With auto add to cart, when a customer selects the first product or X (imagine a coffee machine), the second one (Y) goes to their cart automatically. Buy x get y Shopify bundle app is a type of Bogo. Let’s learn about the basics of BOGO.

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BOGO, a great way to increase sales

BOGO or “Buy One Get One”, is one of the bundle types, used in Shopify, other online shops, and of course brick and mortar shops all around the world. Wherever you live, you might have seen the shops, malls, coffee shops and other businesses giving special offers to make the purchase more attractive. Like when you go to a cafe and with each Americano order, get a piece of cheesecake for free. Or when you buy a T-shirt and get the second one for a discount in your local clothes shop. bogo is a type of promotion that can be customized in terms of product and pricing.

Note that buy x get y is a type of bogo, but not all bogos in shopify app (and other places) are buy x get y. It might seem complicated at first, but it really is not. See, Bogo means getting a promotion for the second product (shopify discount code, free product, etc) when you buy the first one. The first and second product can be the same in bogo, but in buy x get y shopify thats not the case. Simply said, bogo is the category and buy x get y is one of the sub-categories.

Needless to say, bogo is exciting to almost every single customer in the ecommerce world (and physical stores). When the added free product is attractive (and not just something you want to get rid of to free inventory space), the customer buys it with a high probability and might even become loyal to your business.

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Buy x get y shopify examples

Whether you use Shopify for building your business or own a small local business, the BOGO method and discount rule can benefit you. Here are some buy x get y Shopify promotion examples:

An automatic discount shopify offer

When a customer buys a book trilogy, the DVD of the franchise can be added to the cart with a discount. Remember that For an automatic discount to work, customers need to add the eligible items to their carts before they move to checkout. If the book collection has a fixed price, break it for the DVD.

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Free products

Imagine you have a coffee and brewery store built with a Shopify app. To encourage customers to buy small mocha pots, you have two options: offer them a Shopify discount code or  use a product bundle app shopify and bundle them with free coffee items like paper filters, creamers, mugs, etc. Free items are proven to increase sales and turn hesitant users into buyers.

Fixed quantities

You might have seen this method in clothing stores, accessory shops and other stores. You can fix a specific amount of items and offer a free one if the customer selects all of them. For example, “buy 2 get 1 free”. Meaning that if you buy 2 flower pots, the third one will be free. Of course, this is a type of bogo, but it might not meet the specifications of buy x get y Shopify offers.

How does Fast Bundle help you in buy x get y bundles?


Shopify is a big platform with different features and opportunities for sellers to make their online stores, even from the comfort of their homes. To make the best of all these features and stop missing out on chances to scale your business, there are Shopify apps designed to provide you with tools. “Fast Bundle” is one of these apps that automates your bundling process, provides all types of bundles (including buy x get y Shopify offers), helps design widgets and gives you a panel to monitor your bundle sales and keep an eye on the business.

Using Fast Bundle, you can tailor each type of bundle to your own unique needs, Add or remove products, design the display so that your customers favor it (Compared to competitors), and learn new strategies for selling products. Remember that buy x get y Shopify bundles are only one of the options in Fast Bundle Shopify app, and there are many more to explore.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what buy x get y Shopify bundles are about and have an idea of how to use the discount rule to your advantage, it’s time to implement them in your business. Fast Bundle is just the Shopify app to help you do this faster, better, and more professionally. Explore the complete bundle options (6 different types), read about all of them, and select the one that fits your business best.

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