What Are Shopify Multiple Discount Codes?

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In every purchase, one of the most interesting parts is the discount you get. No matter the discount code’s amount and presentation, most customers always select the shop that offers them more discounts. This is true among Shopify stores too, and since there are many discount options and bundle types to raise satisfaction, sellers and buyers will benefit.

“Shopify multiple discount codes” refer to the ability of a Shopify store to allow customers to apply more than one discount code to a single order (a product). This can be a valuable feature for both merchants and customers, as it can encourage higher sales and provide more flexibility in promotional strategies. Let’s learn what it is and how to use it for your business’s benefit.

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What are Shopify Multiple Discount Codes?

Shopify Multiple Discount Codes, also known as “Shopify combine discount codes”, are the capability of a Shopify store to allow customers to apply more than one discount to a single order. Remember that Shopify’s default setup only permits one discount code per order, and combined discounts provide a way to stack offers, enhancing promotional flexibility and customer satisfaction. Now with this option, a bulk discount and a single one, can both work on a specific product.

For example, a customer could apply a 10% off coupon alongside a free shipping code, maximizing their savings. Another example can be when a store offers a combined discount such as “10% off plus free shipping on orders over $50” under one code, streamlining the checkout process. This can be achieved through third-party apps like Stackable Discount, which enable the use of multiple discount codes, or by creating automatic discounts that work with a single code.

By using combined discounts, merchants can create more enticing offers, clear inventory, and increase average order values, all while providing a seamless shopping experience.

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All the Ways Shopify Multiple Discount Codes Can Boost Your Sales

As a Shopify store owner, you probably know that discounts are a great way to increase sales, whatever the type and nature of your products. If you give the customer the option to add discount over a discount, it means you have lifted the limitations for the discount. It might not necessarily lead to unlimited discounts on Shopify, but there are a lot of benefits in it. Benefits like:

Boosting AOV (Average Order Value)

Allowing customers to combine multiple discounts in one order, encourages them to add items to their shopping cart and make the final purchase bigger. By Multiple automatic discounts, Shopify can increase your AOV.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

What’s better than a discount? Two discounts! The flexibility of using Shopify multiple discount codes together means customers buy more and spend less. Customer satisfaction rises this way.
Multiple Shopify apps can help you manage these discounts.

Promotional flexibility

By using Shopify multiple discounts, you no longer have to select between a seasonal discount on specific products or a free shipping code. Now you can combine them! This helps a lot in your promotional efforts and marketing campaigns.

Competitive advantage

Want to stay ahead of your competitors in the Shopify game? Give your customers the gift of combined discounts. These kinds of discounts also work on different product bundle types and can help you customize these bundles to your customer’s needs.

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How to Set Up Combined and Automatic Discounts on Shopify?

Shopify discount codes can be made easily in your admin panel, but some sellers find it hard to manage the automatic discounts and create the combine type. Want to make an automatic discount on a product in your Shopify store? Follow these steps:

Access the Discounts Section

Log in to your Shopify admin panel. On the left-hand sidebar, click on “Discounts.” This is where you’ll manage all your discount codes and automatic discounts.

Create a Discount Code

  • Click the “Create discount” button and select “Discount code.”
  • Enter a unique code in the “Discount code” field (this can be any word you want, like “Christmasoff” or “movie-night”).
  • Under “Types,” choose the discount type you prefer (percentage, fixed amount, free shipping, or buy X get Y).
  • Set the conditions for the discount, such as minimum purchase requirements or specific product collections.
  • Click “Save discount” to let Shopify generate multiple discount codes.

Set Up Automatic Discounts

  • Return to the “Discounts” page and click “Create discount.”
  • Select “Automatic discount.”
  • Name your discount and select the type (percentage, fixed amount, or buy X get Y).
  • Define the conditions under which the discount will apply, such as specific products or collections and the minimum quantity or amount.
  • Set the date range for the discount’s availability.
  • Click “Save automatic discount.”

Combine Discounts

It’s necessary to know that Shopify does not natively support stacking discounts, but you can creatively make Shopify multiple discount codes by setting conditions that apply multiple times. For example, create an automatic discount for a percentage off and use discount codes for additional fixed amounts on specific items.

Target Specific Customers

For Shopify automatic discounts for specific customers, use the “Customer eligibility” section to select specific customer groups or tags. This allows you to tailor discounts to your loyal customers or specific segments.

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up and manage Shopify combined and automatic discounts to maximize your sales potential.

Avoid these mistakes in Shopify multiple discount codes

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you use Shopify multiple discount codes effectively, boosting your sales and maintaining healthy profit margins:

  • Overcomplicating Discounts: Just like you need a clear, navigable panel to manage discounts, the customer needs to face something very clear and straightforward. Creating overly complex discount structures can confuse customers, leading to abandoned carts. Keep your discount codes simple and easy to understand.
  • Not Setting Expiry Dates: Failing to set clear expiry dates for discount codes can result in customers using outdated discounts, affecting your profit margins. Always specify start and end dates.
  • Ignoring Customer Segmentation: Offering the same discounts to all customers can dilute their impact. Use Shopify’s features to target specific customer groups with tailored discount codes.
  • Not Testing Discount Codes: Launching discount codes without proper testing can lead to technical issues or misuse. Always test your discount codes to ensure they work as intended before going live.
  • Stacking Discounts with no plan: Plan for your discount codes ahead of time. Allowing multiple discounts to be used together without careful planning can erode your profit margins. Ensure your settings prevent unintended discount stacking.
  • Lack of Promotion: Creating discount codes without promoting them effectively means missing out on potential sales. Use email campaigns, social media, and your website to make sure customers know about your discounts.
  • Not Updating Discount Codes: Stale or expired discount codes can frustrate customers. Regularly update and refresh your discount offerings to keep them appealing.

Final Thoughts

Shopify multiple discount codes are a great way to boost sales, attract new customers, and get creative in the business. By understanding how to create and use these codes effectively, you can enhance your marketing strategies and drive significant growth for your online store. Implement them, to give your customers what they never have thought was possible!

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