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Navigating and managing your Shopify store can be a lot like building a house from scratch. What is the general design? What materials are you going to use in different areas? What’s the theme going to be like? There are hundreds of small and big decisions to make, and each has its own impact on the whole project. When you run a store on Shopify, you also face various tasks and decisions, from the UX design, to the website theme, to prices and discounts and of course bundles. 

One of the most vital parts of online sales is designing user journeys, and bundles are what boost your profits and increase sales. To manage your bundling efforts and display more accurate, appealing bundles in your shop, we designed the “Boosters” page in our app. Let’s read all about it!

What is the Boosters page?

Boosters is our new feature specially designed to help you increase bundle sales by displaying them all around your site. This is an all-in-one, straightforward new page that includes a variety of processes to manage, and aggregate your bundles in less time than before. Using this new page will make the bundling faster and more automatic, take less time and energy, and have fewer steps. 

How to use this feature?

To use it, Open the Fast Bundle app in your store, and in the left menu click on “Boosters”. Now you will be led to the exclusive page that helps boost your bundle sales. The page includes 4 options, each resolving a bundle promotion need that all sellers face

  • Bundles page: Click on this one, to have an exclusive one-page view of “all your bundles”. You can put this in your website navigation, helping customers reach your bundles faster and easier.
  • Make a collection from BAPs: You can always make product bundles and create collections, turning them into a package of bundles that can be seen together.
  • Place Your Bundles Anywhere: Use the liquid code (made exclusively for your bundles in the app) in your Shopify theme customization to place any bundle anywhere.

Who can use Boosters?

All of our users can use Boosters after the latest update, and utilize its different options to their benefit. The bundle placement has a new approach and display type, with a liquid code that gives the merchant the desired freedom to put their bundle anywhere.

With these features, you can manage and facilitate sales and present bundles more efficiently. 

To further understand this new change, see our new YouTube video.

Need help navigating Boosters?

Feel free to ask any questions and get instructions through our 24/7 support.

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