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Easily create almost all types of product bundles and combo products

Simple Bundle

Simple Bundle

Sell specific products together with a discount

Product Mix and Match

Product Mix and Match

Let your customers build their own bundle out of a group of products

Collection Mix and Match

Collection Mix and Match

Let your customers build their own bundle by mix-and-matching among collections

Volume Discount

Volume Discount

Sell multiple units of a product with a discount

Buy X, Get Y

Buy X, Get Y

Offer free gifts or discounted products with certain purchases

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together

Sell products that are frequently bought together with a discount

Key Features & Values

Fast Bundle fully covers your store with effective up-selling scenarios for easier discovery and purchasing of products.

All types of bundle offers

We offer a wide range of bundling options for your shop, including simple bundles, volume discounts, and frequently bought together deals, allowing you to select the best fit for your strategy.

Customizable Offer Display

Present your offer the way you find best!Classic offer display on products’ pages, show all offers on the Offers page, Combo products or Kits, offer popup on the cart page, etc.

Customizable “Everything”

You can customize almost everything. The “Add to Cart” button’s color and label, offer title, additional descriptions, offer’s background color and even width of the offer’s box!

Unlocking Success


The Best Strategies for Bundling

There are several strategies to bundle your products. There are several strategies to bundle your products.

Over 10,000 Shops Use Fast Bundle

Both industry giants and emerging startups laud Fast Bundle's innovative approach for boosting order value growth.