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Frequently Bought Together: Making Sales Hand in Hand

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If you’re a person who does a lot of online shopping, you have surely came across this concept at least once in your shopping experience. “frequently bought together’’ is an option provided by websites and online stores, to make similar and related products visible to the customer, in order to suggest a purchase. This method is good for both online businesses and brick-and-mortar shops all over the world.

Now as a seller in shopify, the frequently bought together method can serve as a bundling solution. Making bundles of products that usually go together, are great for sellers who need to sell more of their products and expand their business to new horizons. This article will be a complete guide to frequently bought together meaning, its examples and how to use it to your own benefit.

What are frequently bought together bundles?

When you think of frequently bought together products, the one concept that immediately comes to mind is “Bundling”. Bundling has a pretty similar meaning: when two or more products are combined and sold together. Frequently bought together shopify bundles are one of the more popular types of product bundling. But what exactly are these?


Look at this picture. In this part of the shopping experience in Waifair (a home decor and furniture store) you can see what people have bought alongside the item that you have just selected. Imagine you put an ottoman in your shopping cart, and then you see this widget in the page. What is this for? To tell you what potential products you can add to buy the whole set for your living room. Things like a coffee table, dining tables, soft ottomans, sofas, etc.

Talking of bundles, many people might think that “frequently bought together” equals “bundle”. That not always the case. Not all frequently bought together items are bundles, sometimes the customer might need to add each product to their cart individually.

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How does this method help sellers?

As we said before, combining related products can act as a bundling method. Frequently bought together shopify bundle (or in other platforms) consists of two or more products that customers usually buy them in one sitting. For example when people buy a travel mug, they probably buy camping accessories too. Or when a person buys baby clothes, they are more likely to buy some children’s books with them.

Now as baby store, you probably have both these products and by making them a bundle, you encourage the buyer to order both. This is a type of cross sell too. What is cross sell?

Its simple: when you sell related or supplementary products based on what your customer has already purchased, to increase sales and build loyalty.

These are some of the ways that cross sell helps your business:

  • Helps sell slow-selling products
  • Increases AOV (Average Order Value)
  • Builds loyalty
  • Helps customers buy all of their needs in one place (instead of going through different stores)
  • Helps Manage Inventory

Note that frequently bought together bundles “may or may not” include a discount. Sometimes the offer is simply a package of what is really bought together, and sometimes it includes the package plus a discount.

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3 frequently bought together examples

Frequently bought together method can be used in Shopify, Amazon, eBay, other marketplaces, or even physical stores (in an offline manner). Here, we mostly talk about frequently bought together shopify app bundles. This is done through shops that are built with Shopify and use product bundling as a selling method.

The wording can be different. In any given store, you can read phrases like “Complete the look” “Pair it with”, or other ones. These all mean the same thing: the product you are about to buy can be good with the other ones, and this is backed up by previous sales to buyers like yourself.

Here are 3 frequently bought together examples in different contexts:

Pairs well with

This is from Skinfix- a Shopify store selling skin care products, creams, cleansers, etc. As you can see, the foaming oil cleanser is usually bought and used with triple lipid Peptide lotion, and the xTriple Lipid-Peptide Cream with B-L3™ Complex.

Wear it with

look at this Lipstick from Laura Mercier. It’s red, matt, and good for a semi-casual look for nights out. What completes this makeover? The shop has suggestions: the Longwear Lip Liner, Hydrating Lip Balm, and Rose Lip Glacé.

Frequently bought together

apm Monaco is a jewelry brand that makes luxury earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The products are glamorous and relatively expensive. But even these kinds of products can include suggestions to buy related products. See for yourself.

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How does Fast Bundle help you make this kind of bundle?

Frequently bought together Fast bundle app

Fast Bundle is a bundle products app that is designed to make Frequently bought together shopify bundles (and many other bundle types) automatically for your business. But that’s not all! After designing tailor-made bundles based on your products and shop status, Fast Bundle will help you manage inventory, design the bundle and widget to the best of your ability (and in a way that attracts more customers) and customize “everything”.

Fast Bundle is good for newbies and Shopify veterans. It’s simple enough to use that even new sellers can easily navigate it, and it is advanced enough to cover all the needs of a big shop with hundreds of daily sales. Have you heard about product bundling but you’re not sure enough how to start? Install Fast Bundle now and start bundling your way to profit!


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