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Product Mix and Match- All your customers need for a perfect purchase

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There’s no doubt that product bundles are a great facilitator for sellers in managing their inventory and also increasing sales. Both as a customer and shop owner, you have probably seen different types of bundles in Shopify stores and other marketplaces. From quantity discounts to seasonal bundles and from combo products to customizable bundles. They are all methods to make shopping a smoother experience and benefit the seller at the same time.

That is why, as a bundle app, we try our best to give our users the whole bundle experience. One of the most interesting types is Product Mix and Match. This one can also come in the form of mix and match discount. Let’s dive into it.

What is mix and match discount?

One of the more popular types of bundling available in Fast Bundle, “mix and match” is one that allows your customers to select the products they want to buy, and make their own bundle based on what they need and of course the amount of discount they desire. The most prominent feature of this bundle type is that it is customizable. For example, if a customer wants to shop for clothes, they can select from a collection of them (Imagine having a selection of socks and letting the customer make their bundle from different colors and sizes). This option lets the customer “build” their own bundle by mix-and-matching among collections. This is why it is called “collection mix and match”.

But there is another type of mix-and-match discount bundle too, this one named “product mix and match” Although very similar, they have a few differences.

Product mix and match means customers build their own bundle out of a group of products, and not necessarily collections. This means one can select from two or more types of products, and turn them into one single bundle. Now that we know about the concept of Shopify mix and match, let’s read some examples.

Both of these are accessible when you install Fast Bundle. Make use of them based on your business’s unique needs.

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Some Shopify mix and match examples

As we said, a product mix and match discount means that you are no more limited to the borders of one specific collection, and will be able to go cross-collection in your bundle-making.

Examples of product mix and match:

  • A bundle consisting of the choice between several collections of skin care products. In this one, the customer can select among them and get a shampoo, facewash, night cream, and a toothbrush.
  • A Christmas product mix and match discount that gives the choice of selecting between chocolates, ornaments, mugs, and coffee.
    As you can see, these are pretty customizable and give the customer the ability to choose “cross-selection”. Of course, depending on your business plan and store status, you can set limitations on their choice.

Examples of collection mix and match:

  • Imagine a clothes Shopify store, that has different categories. Things like bags, women’s dresses, T-shirts, trousers, etc. Now this store can set a Valentine’s mix and match discount on the category of women’s dresses. In this category, you can select a few of the products (the number is set by the shop owner) and make your own bundle. Of course, the bundle comes with a discount.
  • Picture a Coffee and equipment shop. Using the collection mix and match option in Fast Bundle, you can design a bundling option for the coffee lovers and customers of the shop. Now they can make their own bundle from all the coffee options, and get a discount on the final purchase.

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How does mix and match help your business?

Mix-and-match discount bundles are especially good for retail businesses that have different and vast categories of products. Businesses Like bookstores, accessory stores, skincare product sellers, etc. They are a very good option for benefiting from your products and inventory.


They give the customer the freedom to choose: both kinds of mix and match discounts are like a game you allow the customer to play. No matter the product, they will be able to put different products in their bundle, go back and forth with their designed bundle, and get a sense of choice. This is what keeps them coming back to your store. If a buyer gets the option to design their own bundle, they will definitely select the shop that gave them the option, over other shops.

You can also customize them: it’s not only the customer that gets to play this game of bundle making. Like other types of bundling in Fast Bundle, the seller can customize mix-and-match bundles. You can set the number of products, type of collection, amount of discount, and more. You can even choose how the widget looks in your shop. Since it’s your shop, the bundle should be made in a way that serves you (and of course makes the customer happy).

Helps manage inventory: do you have a large number of specific products that you need to clean up your inventory from? Want to manage the inventory and open up space for more seasonal items? Just present them to your users in the form of mix and match discount. If a customer is buying a pound of Brazilian coffee, they will probably put the custom-made coffee mug in their cart too. Make use of this opportunity.

How to create the “Product Mix and Match” in Fast Bundle?

Here is a step-by-step guide to make mix and match bundles in your shop, using the Fast Bundle app:

  • First, create your product and its options in Shopify (This product will later become your bundle in Simple Bundles)
  • In Shopify, go to the the Variants section of the Add product page and select Add Variant. Here, you can add in the options that your customers can select from (customize the options).

💡 In Shopify, you can create only up to 100 variants for a product and each product can have up to 3 options. To exceed the 100 variant limit, use Simple Bundle’s infinite options bundle type to quickly create hundreds of bundle combinations.

  • Next, go to Simple Bundles and select Build Bundle in the Bundles tab. Find the product you just created. Once you select the product, you will also see that the combinations are selected as well. Click Add.
  • Now, you can start adding individual SKUs to each of the options.
  • Next, you can adjust the quantity of each of the individual SKUs and the price of the bundle!

Want to learn the complete process of making mix and match discount bundles using Fast Bundle? Read the visual guide here.

What are the other types of bundling in Fast Bundle

Other than the mix and match discounts, there are five more product bundles Shopify allows you to do. Of course, these are the ones that Fast Bundle provides for its users:

  • Simple Bundle: make any bundle from your products, and sell them with a discount.
  • Volume discount: make or increase the amount of discount based on the volume of the order. In other words: the more a buyer adds to their cart, the more discount they get.
  • Product mix and match: another type of mix and match bundling, this one allows the customer to select between collections and put different items in their cart. Read about it, in the first part of the article.
  • Buy x, get y: when a customer buys the first product (X), the second one (Y) automatically goes to their cart for free or with a discount.
  • Frequently bought together: this bundle puts together the items that are literally “Frequently bought together” by the customers. It’s a good idea to manage your inventory if needed, and also sell more of your chosen products.

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Fast bundle keeps you company in your Shopify sales journey

Mix and match discount is not the only way you can make use of Fast Bundle’s features. Let’s not forget that making bundles is an essential part of your growth as a Shopify store. But it doesn’t come easily to all businesses. As a bundle app, we aim to make bundling processes easier and smoother for you and the final purchase faster and safer for your customers. By using Fast Bundle, you will be able to customize all types of bundles (mix and match discount and five other ones) and use them to your benefit.

You’ll be allowed to present the bundle the way you see fit; how? By changing the widget’s appearance, changing the display on the product page, customizing prices, setting discounts, etc.

You will also have access to our 24/7 support team, which helps you solve problems and navigate your way through the app.

Final thought

Shopify mix and match bundle is the type of gift that keeps giving. Not only you can benefit from the increase in sales and loyal customers, but you will also get more and more ideas for sales as you move forward with your bundling journey. The kind of mix and match discount and how you present it to the customer is based entirely on the type of your business and where you stand sales-wise.

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