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A Complete Guide to Single Bap Vs Multi Bap (Bundle as a Product)

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Bundling is not a new concept. In fact, if you look at the history of sales, you might find decade-old (or even century-old) shops that presented their customers with product bundles. “Happy meals”, “buy one get one free”, “discount if you buy several”. These are all examples of bundling. A practice that is beneficial to both the customer and seller.

As an online shop owner, there are multiple concepts that come across your way daily and are relatively new. Knowing them is a must if you want to succeed and stand out among competitors. One of the things that you need to fully understand here is “BAP” or “Bundle as product”. All product bundles shopify can be a type of BAP, and you might have heard the term here and there. Let’s read about bap bundle as a product, and its two types: single and multi.

What is a BAP bundle as a product?

If you search “bap”, the urban dictionary takes to to a page that says: “small roll or bun”. Some sources use the term “bap” as a short form of “baptizing”. But it’s far from these, bap is an e-commerce concept related to product bundling. But what is a bundle as a product?

Each time you make a bundle, you put two or more products together and sell them as one single package. In other words, it’s a “Bundle as Product”, which is short called bap. Bap gives you the ability to create a product from your bundle. Whether it’s a skincare bundle made of 3-night routine items, a mug and a chocolate bar, a tote bag with your favorite books, or any other kind of package that you remember as soon as you think of the word “bundle”.

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Single bap vs multi bap

Each time you create a bundle, you are in a way creating a bap. Some sources believe that “bap bundle as a product” means that products inside the bundle, can’t be separated and sold individually. This can in a sense be true, but remember that some baps can be separated. For example, if the bundle consists of 5 skincare products, the customer will be able to select each of them individually. And of course, when they come together, they are considered a bap.

Now that you know what bap is about, let’s learn about two different types of it: single bap and multi bap.

  • Single bap: a single bap treats the bundle as one single product. Of course, every bap bundle as a product does. But in this particular case, the customer can’t take a single product out, or buy some of them individually. It’s fixed and simply can’t be modified in the shopping cart. For example, if the customer is buying a pack of chocolates with different tastes, including two mint chips, two caramel salted truffles, and two milk chocolates, they can not simply put out the mint chips. The whole bundle goes to the cart as “one single bap”.
  • Multi-bap: in multi-bap, there are “multiple individual products” inside the bap. See the difference? Imagine the chocolate bundle we talked about. If it’s designed as a multi-bap (instead of a single), the customer can change the number of each chocolate flavor or even delete some of them. It’s not considered a single product in your inventory management system, thus, it can be manipulated.

Remember that these two concepts are inventory-related. Multi bap doesn’t track inventory changes, since it can be made and modified inside the shopping cart. In other words, only the items in the bundle are purchased.

Some examples

If you’re a Cinephile type, you probably know that “life is a box of chocolates”. Sometimes it’s a single bap and you just have to accept what comes to you, and sometimes it can be considered a multi bap, everything is in your hands to change as you wish.

As we mentioned before in our chocolate example, multi bap and single bap differ in design and inventory SKU. here are some examples of bap bundle as a product, both single and multi:

  • A night routine skincare bundle: a skincare online store, has designed a bundle product made of night cream, eye masks, eye cream, and AHA exfoliating serum. All of these have one thing in common, they are to use at night. That’s why it’s a single bap, and the customer just has to buy it whole.
  • An interchangeable Christmas bundle: an online toy store has designed a bundle for Christmas, that is just perfect for mothers and children. It includes two action figures, one brand-name chocolate bar, and a classic red mug. It comes with a discount, and the mug color can be changed. Also, the customer is able to replace the action figures with other products in the category. See how this fits inside the description of a multi bap? It’s not a single SKU in the inventory and can be customized by the buyer.

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