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Nearly 70% of millennials will look for a deal before purchasing. This means that they spend time and energy searching for the best possible price. The winner is the shop that not only offers discounts but also offers them in a versatile, useful way.

Have you tried using multiple discounts or promo codes when shopping online? If so, you have probably seen what happens when multiple codes try to work on the same shopping cart at once: they simply won’t work!

Shopify, one of the biggest store builders on the internet, received many requests regarding multiple functional discounts. Both sellers and customers felt the need for Shopify to combine discounts while checking out of the store. The platform has provided its users with this feature, and now they are able to use more than one active code when shopping.

This article will discuss multiple discounts at Shopify and how to use them.

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Why are Shopify combo discounts significant?

“Hi! I have created some bundles with your app that include a discount, but I also have some other products with a discount code. Does your app support multiple discounts in a single order?”

The question above is one of our most frequently asked questions; the answer is YES now.

In August 2023, the Shopify app released a new feature that allows customers to combine discounts. Also called “discount stacking”, this Shopify combine discounts solution means customers can use many discounts or promo codes simultaneously: the one they got for a specific product, and one sitewide welcome discount for all new users. Simply put, you can add one discount on top of another. Shopify combine discounts matter because they make the difference between the buyer staying in your shop, or simply leaving it to go look for a better price elsewhere.

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Why are discounts good for your business?

When a customer sees a discount on a product, it immediately becomes attractive to them, whether they really need it or not! Sometimes they even buy newly introduced products, just because they are on sale. Here are a few reasons why discounts (and of course, Shopify combined discounts) work so well:

  • They encourage purchase: If a customer sees the product they are looking for in your Shopify store with a discount, they will select it over similar stores, even if those other stores have more advantages.
  • It makes customers loyal: If your customers find your prices reasonable, they will keep coming back to you. Offer some good discounts to keep your buyers from searching elsewhere.
  • It opens new ways: 80% of online buyers say that they will try a new brand if it offers them a discount. These statistics lie an opportunity for newbies in the Shopify business. Offer your brand-new products with a good discount to make them shine among competitors.

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How does this work in Fast Bundle?

The critical thing to know here is that in Fast Bundle product combinations, the way discounts work might be slightly different from that of any other Shopify store. Imagine you have a product bundle made of three different products: A, B & C. This bundle comes with a built-in discount of 15%. Now let’s see how Shopify combine discounts work here. If you go on with your order and make the final purchase, a 15% discount will be set on multiple items inside that order.

Imagine there is another discount (like a first order or holiday discount) on all products. If you select the holiday 40% discount, this one -and solely this one- will be implemented on your cart. In other words, the 15% discount won’t be available anymore, and all the products in the bundle will cost 40% less than their original price.

These automatic discounts are designed in a way that has the highest benefit for the customer and also makes Shopify combine discounts easier to implement in everyday processes.


But what about mix-and-match bundles?

There is a special type of product bundling in Fast Bundle, that allows customers to design and buy their own product bundles. How to use Shopify combine discounts in these kinds of bundles? Here is an example:

Please be aware that Shopify does not allow shopify multiple discount codes to be applied to a single “product”. It only allows it for “orders”. So imagine that you have a bundle ABC (product A + product B + product C with a 15% discount) and another 20% discount for all of your products in your shop, including A, B, and C. Customers who add ABC will get the 15% discount, not the 20%, and neither 20% * 15%. If they add product D, they will get 15% on ABC and 20% on D.

This does not counter the first example we talked about, you can always add a product to the bundle or use the simple bundle you were working with along the way. Also, you can always contact our support team to help enable this feature for you (or explain why it can or cant be done in the specific bundle).

Final Thoughts

Now that you have found out all about Shopify combine discounts, you can price your bundles more accurately and combine different offers. Enjoy the advantages of offers and discounts we discussed earlier, and let your customers enjoy the great prices and buy more products.

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