How do we support:
with our hearts
If the Fast Bundle app itself is the heart of our business, support is the face which expresses the feelings of the team behind the service. So we take it seriously and believe that you have the right to get a high qualified support. Here are the channels where you can get help from us. Check out and see which one fits your needs the most.
Our support email is the safest way to ask for support, because you will be sure that it will not be lost and someone will get back to you ASAP. The best time frame to ask for support is between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM (GMT) during the week. The email is: [email protected]
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Most of the time during our office time we are available for a quick chat. So whenever you feel like you need immediate support, try to chat with our support team from the little blue chat-bot icon appearing in the bottom right corner of your Fast Bundle admin panel.
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If you’re one of those merchants that knows exactly what you want from product bundling and you can’t find the perfect tailored solution for your business, stop testing and searching all the bundling apps in the market and just contact our support team ([email protected]). We are open to talk about your special needs and evaluate if we can develop a customized solution for you.
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Demo session
If you’re looking for a special product bundling feature or if you’re not familiar with the concept, we highly recommend you to book a demo meeting before installing Fast Bundle. It will help you to understand better how the app works and whether it’s going to fit your shop or not. You can book a demo meeting from the following link: fastbundle/setup
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Setup session
If you have installed Fast Bundle and you need or like help to set up the app properly, we offer you to book a setup session. In this session we will help you create the bundles yourself, or we can create them for you during the live session, so you’ll understand how it works. Book the meeting from the following link: fastbundle/setup
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Tutorial videos and FAQ
There’s a slight possibility that we are not available at the moment, or you’re simply not willing to wait for a response or chat. If you’re comfortable with tutorial videos or reading FAQs, we have tried to create the best content for you and keep it updated. You can reach out to our video tutorials from our YouTube channel, and you can check out our FAQ doc from here or from the blue chat-bot in your Fast Bundle admin panel.
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