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What are Shopify Combo Products and how to use them?

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When visiting any Shopify store, you will find different methods and product categories, marketing strategies, and even discounts and coupons, all for one common ecommerce goal: simply to sell more. Sometimes, sellers offer special advantages for their customers to encourage them to visit them more and give the products a better look, thus increasing the possibility of a final purchase.

One of these advantages is the Shopify combo products (Bundle as Product). But what does combo mean, and how can it be used in your business? How does Fast Bundle make product combo a straightforward, easy option؟ Let’s find out.

What are Shopify combo products?

The combo product meaning can often be confused with “frequently bought together” (which is also a type of bundle product used in Shopify). Although similar, these two are different selling methods in ecommerce. See, a bundle product is basically two (or more) products that come together in the customer’s basket and consist of “separate products that can be purchased individually.”

On the other hand, Shopify combo products are aggregated into one single pack, becoming “one product.” In the store and in the buyer’s basket, a combo product will be treated as a single product in terms of shipping and price. Note that although this is the case often, combo products or BaPs (Bundle as Product), sometimes the seller will see and handle the combo in different SKUs. The Merchant needs to go through an inventory, select each product, handle the inventory calculations separately, and then make them up as a single “Combo” Pack.

Imagine you are a shop owner aiming to increase sales during the holiday through a Christmas special product combo consisting of a chocolate bar, a coffee mug, a small decorative tree, and ribbons. These have different SKUs and may enter the Customer’s shopping cart as “Single BaP” or “Multi Baps.” Let’s learn about these two.

Single BaPs and Multi BaPs: the difference

Combo product meaning can be confusing at times, so let’s break it down and understand what it exactly means. “Product combo” can mean both single and multiple Baps. What is the difference between these two?

Bundle as Product (or simply BaP) is one of the most popular features in the Fast Bundle shopify app. This helps you make your bundle into a product, getting a dedicated image and tailor-made description on a separate product detail page (PDP). BaPs can have two types:
Single BaP: Single Bap makes a bundle as a product, meaning the products will go to the cart as a single one.

Multiple (Multi) Bap: This option adds all included products to the cart and consists of multiple products with different SKUs that go to the cart simultaneously.

Our main focus in Fast bundle is now combo products (bundle as product feature). You can tailor the targeted bundle product to your customer’s needs, using this shopify bundle app.

What makes Combo products so special?

“A fancy image of all of the bundled products plus a meaningful description and an independent product page”; this is the short answer to combo product meaning and why Shopify combo products have a better conversion rate than regular bundle product displays. But there is more to this concept. Product combo and packages are popular among sellers because they:

Make More Sense

Product bundling is not only about giving a discount. The bundled items must make sense to your customers. The concept of “combo products” is highly focused on supporting this dimension of bundling. The combo product feature allows you to create a whole new product with an independent product page. This means you can create a name for the product combo, write a description, and show it in a collection next to your other products (then give a discount if you like).

Are Great for Selling Kits, Looks, or Packages

Based on your Shopify store, combos may come in handy in different ways. You can create a “look” for the bundled items if you have a fashion business. Shopify combo products can be presented in a variety of ways. If you have a cosmetic business, you can create kits, present all of its items in one picture, and pick a fancy name for it. The product combo is the same, but it comes in many forms.
Bikinis declare 17.5 times higher CTR in combos!

A little context:

The whole idea of this article came from the time that we ran into the performance of one of our clients, “Be Ocean Bikinis”
These guys have created many product combos besides showing the bundles on their PDPs (product pages). They received 17.5 times more CTR (click-through rate: the percentage of clicks on the add-to-cart button to bundle views) on their shopify combo products list (3.5%) than the bundles on their PDPs (0.2%). Ocean Bikinis is getting 17.5 times more add-to-cart clicks on their combo products than on their bundles on the product pages.

Lets take a deeper look. These numbers made us curious to check if this is a general behavior. We randomly picked three other shops from our professional merchants, and reviewed their shopify combo products list. Results were quite the same. You can check the numbers from the following table:

Shop name

Bundles in PDP(CTR %) Combo products (CTR %) CTR comparison (times)

Be Ocean Bikinis


3.5% 17.5





Koren Publisher



4.5 0.1% 2.8%

28 (WoW!)

Here is something worth mentioning: in Fast Bundle shopify app, 72% of enterprise customers with higher monthly revenue than $10000, use the BaP option. By using Fast bundle as a facilitator, they have the time and freedom to expand their business, design product combo examples, make marketing plans, set new strategies, and do more to help increase sales.

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Fast bundle’s combo product vs. regular combo product created from the admin panel

shopify bundles fast bundle

“Why do I need Fast Bundle?! I create regular products in my Shopify store ”.

Yes, you can create a product with the name “The special Christmas look” and choose a picture that includes all of the items of that set, but there are some killer headaches that not only may cause serious regression but also may lead you to hate Christmas forever! Using a shopify app helps you take care of these issues. Take a look:

Inventory headaches

If you create combo offers via Shopify’s admin panel, your customers may think they’re buying a combo product, but you’ll not see the items in the cart. Then, you have to reduce the inventory level of each of the items manually. There’s a big potential for human error in the process. With Fast Bundle, you will not have to worry about the inventory level of the items because we’ll update them for you. We are here to make e-commerce easier!

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Selecting the products’ variants

Imagine that you want to create combo offers with four items: One hat, one sweater, one pants, and a pair of socks, which have some variants as described in the following table:

If you decide to create Shopify combo products from the Shopify product panel, you have to define 3x 15x 10x 6 (=2700) variants! First of all, Shopify does not support more than 100 product variants. Second, assume it would’ve let you create these variants; two big headaches were still on the table: 1. Your customers would see a very long list leading to a terrible UX, and 2. Whenever a combo product was sold, or you refilled an item, you’d have to find the variant on your backend and reduce its inventory level! These are not some kind of headaches going away with pills; these are killer headaches!

Make a Neat Combo display with Fast Bundle

best shopify combo products have good names, appealing pictures and ofcourse an intriguing price for buyers. If you create your combo product with Fast Bundle, the app will create its product page in a way that your customers can select the variants of each item in the combo. Then we will update the inventory ourselves; you don’t have to worry about it. Here is an example of combos and baps in Fast bundle:

How can I create Shopify combo products?

We allow you to create a combo product for each of your simple bundles and your product mix & match offers. If you are having problems creating combo products, please take a few minutes and watch our tutorial video about them. If you think the video is insufficient, please don’t hesitate to ask your questions from our support team via [email protected] or by booking a setup/demo session.

A Glossary of Shopify and Bundle Terminology

When you read about Shopify combo products and bundles on the platform, you will see some words and terms you might not know at first. Here are some product combo – related terms. If you work in ecommerce, its necessary to know them:
‌‌Bap (Bundle as Product): as said, this is when you make a product of your bundle. Whether you make a single or multiple bap, it can be a good facilitator for your sales.

Kit: kits usually consist of two or more tools, appliances technical equipment, and things like these. Sometimes, you might hear the word “kit” describing a grooming and skin care product combo too, but they mostly describe technical items.

Set: a “Set” is also a bundle, mostly consisting of makeup products, skincare, clothes, accessories, and things like them.
Look: a look means a bundle made from fashion items. For example a whole set of clothes and accessories from headbands and earrings to a necklace, a t-shirt, trousers, and shoes. This can be more minimal or include more products. Looks are one of the best shopify combo products to sell.

Final Thoughts

While there are many options for a seller to increase their sales and scale the business, Shopify combo products seem like a good place to start, both for newbies and experienced sellers. Now that you know all about product combo, you can get hands-on and think about what products go best together as a combo. Using Fast Bundle, you can rest assured that all your inventory management, combo presentation, sales, and more are done in the neatest and most efficient manner possible. So why not start right now?

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