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Mixed Bundling vs Pure Bundling

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In the UK, online market share shot up from 10.6% (2012) to 26.5% (2022). Other countries also experienced growth in online purchases, especially since Covid 19. That’s why its hugely important how you manage your online business to standout among competitors. The strategic arrangement of products into bundles can dramatically influence consumer behavior and business profitability here, we are going to talk about two of the most popular types of bundling: mixed bundling and pure bundling.

While pure bundling means simply putting together two or more products and presenting them with a discount (or some other values), mixed bundling can be a little more complicated. Depending on your business’s bundling strategy, both of these types can be implemented and beneficial for you. Let’s read about pure bundling vs mixed bundling and what they can do for your Shopify business.

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What is pure bundling?

what is bundling? If you see the core of the concept, it’s putting together some products, and selling them as one. This simple yet comprehensive definition is exactly the meaning of what we call pure bundling. Every product is inside the bundle, and the whole bundle becomes one single product (what we call BAP or Bundle as Product). The bundle somehow becomes “pure”. Pure bundling can sometimes be called commodity bundling (in some articles and apps).

One pure bundling example: Have you ever seen skincare packages that consist of the whole daily routine, being sold in one box? Look at this one. It is designed to fulfill all your skincare needs throughout the day.

This box goes to your shopping cart as one product (the bundle), but you will actually receive 9 single products inside it:

  1. A Nivea face mask
  2. A pink clay purifying mask
  3. Two eye masks
  4. One Dove body cream
  5. A pack of simple cleaning wipes
  6. One Rosehip shampoo
  7. One Rosehip conditioner
  8. One nail file

How can pure bundling benefit your business?

Pure bundle is the simplest, yet most popular type of product bundling. The popularity has a reason: it can be done by anyone: from local brick-and-mortar stores to tiny Shopify businesses, and big enterprises that sell thousands of products daily.

In a pure bundle, everything is at your fingertips: what kinds of products you put in it, What price you set, how you ship the bundle to your customer, and of course the discount. Many pure bundling efforts are done to put discounts on popular products, or even introduce new ones. Here are some benefits of a pure bundling strategy:

  • Managing inventory
  • Easy to do for sellers
  • Straightforward and understandable for buyers
  • Ability to build from all types of products (small ones to big ones)
  • Increases sales
  • Personalizable orders
  • It can be a competitive advantage

In Fast Bundle, you can find pure bundling by the name of “Simple Bundle”. Set your pure bundling pricing, add any type of discount, customize the products, and make a unique bundle that is desirable for your customers.

Other types of bundles can be considered pure too, which we will discuss later in the article.

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Mixed bundling, the chance to design the customer’s purchase

Unlike pure bundling, mixed bundling can include any type of product bundle that consists of two or more products “that can be changed and interfered with by customers. How? The items in the bundle are available for purchase individually but are bundled for the sake of convenience or discount.

Simply said, all of the mixed bundling examples are interchangeable and “mixable”. Imagine you are in a fast food and your order is a plain cheeseburger. When the cashier asks you “Do you want fries with that?” they are actually offering you mixed bundles.

“Collection mix and match” and “product mix and match” are two very good examples of mixed bundling, which you can make using our app.

Here is a brief explanation of these two concepts in Fast Bundle:

  • Collection mix and match: with this feature, the buyer can design their own bundle using the products inside a specific collection. For example, a bundle made of two or more T-shirts with their own choice, and of course with a discount.
  • Product mix and match: this means that the customer is no longer limited to the borders of one specific collection, and will be able to go cross-collection in your bundle-making.

Regarding the pure bundling vs mixed bundling comparison, we have to specify one important matter: mixed bundling is not limited to these two types of bundles, but according to the definition, can be applied to any type of strategy that does not limit the products inside the bundle and turn them into one single product.

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How can mixed bundling help you as a seller?

First and foremost, mixed bundling gives more choices both to the customer, and the sellers. Imagine having the choice to select what going into the bundle, and how much discount you are getting. This bundling effect gives your users a sense of choice and respect, making each potential customer a loyal one for you.

It’s also a very good addition to your marketing efforts. Mixed bundling is versatile and fits easily in every business, no matter the product or service. Like when you give a small gift to the customers who buy a bigger subscription plan, or add a fries and shake to the main order of the customer, with an added discount.

Pure bundling vs mixed bundling

The lines between pure bundling and mixed bundling can often become blurry, making it hard to decide which is which. The difference between them can be distinguished if you think of pure bundling as the kind that comes to the customer’s cart “as a single product”. Sometimes a discount bundle can be considered pure too.

Other matters like pricing strategy, the amount of discount, type of products, etc are similar between these two types, and each seller can customize them to their own benefit. Pure bundling does not give customers the option to buy items separately. An option that is present in mixed bundling.

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Up your bundling game with Fast Bundle

No matter where you stand in your Shopify and e-commerce journey, Fast Bundle comes in handy. Pure bundling and mixed bundling options in the app, are all featured in our plans and you can use them however you like. Whether it’s gift bundles to sell more around holidays or an inventory clearance bundling to manage your inventory, Fast Bundle can help you do it more efficiently. Customize the products, set your strategy, and start selling the way that suits you most!

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