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Every time you visit an online store, there is a high probability that you see bundles in the first few seconds. A global Skincare brand? A Chocolate shop? A small candle shop functioning in a local neighborhood? No matter the place, Bundles are and always have been a form of product presentation that simultaneously benefits the customer and the seller. They make sales and inventory management more smooth and give a sense of convenience and money-saving options to the buyer. Many of these online stores are built in Shopify, a platform that revolves around user needs, and always tries to keep things smooth for its users (merchants) and buyers.

Product bundle builder apps and tools have always been around to help automate the bundling process, give the most profitable bundle suggestions for a Shopify store, and manage inventory. This article will discuss the essence of Shopify bundles, why they are important, and how to create bundle on Shopify.

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Understanding Shopify Bundles: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Shopify bundles are a powerful tool for ecommerce businesses looking to enhance their sales strategy and improve customer satisfaction. But what is the nature of a Shopify product bundle?

A bundle on Shopify is a type of packaging sold together as a single unit, often at a discounted price. This can be an assortment of related items, such as a skincare set that includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, or a combination of products that offer a complete solution, like a tech bundle with a laptop, mouse, and carrying case (see how they both work towards satisfying a special need?). Bundling allows merchants to offer more value to their customers while encouraging bigger purchases.

Creating a bundle on Shopify is straightforward, thanks to the many Shopify apps that are designed specifically for this purpose. These apps simplify the process of grouping products and setting bundle prices. All you need to do is search in the Shopify app store and select the app that suits to your needs.

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Why should you consider Shopify bundles in your sales journey?

Imagine a customer enters your store and selects an item that they intended to buy, say a pack of ground coffee beans. More often than not, coffee lovers also enjoy a nice mug. So if you give this customer the option to bundle the coffee with a beautiful coffee mug, they will probably be encouraged to do so. If you throw in a discount, the purchase chance will go even higher. This is pretty much how all Shopify bundles work.

The benefits of using bundles in your e-commerce store are significant. They can increase the average order value, help move slow-selling items, and enhance the overall shopping experience by providing customers with convenient and curated options. Additionally, bundles can be an effective promotional tool, enticing customers with perceived savings and added value.

How to create bundle on Shopify, a quick guide

Creating product bundles Shopify is a great way to enhance your store’s appeal and boost sales. Whether you’re looking to offer complementary products together or create enticing discounts, bundling is a powerful strategy. Here’s a quick guide on how to create bundle on Shopify, including detailed steps:

Choose Your Products

Identify the products you want to bundle together. Look for items that complement each other or can provide added value when purchased together (examples include skincare packages, athletic outfits and shoes, PC accessories and mouse pads, and even fresh produce and spices).

Select a Shopify App

To simplify the bundling process, you can use a Shopify app (you can do the job without the app, but it will be more challenging and time-consuming). Read the app description in the Shopify app store to find the app that is good for your business’s needs and revenue.

Install the App

Once you selected the app, click “Add app” to install it in your store.

Create Your Bundle

Open the app and follow the prompts to create a new bundle. You’ll need to:

  • Select the products you want to include.
  • Set a price for the bundle, ensuring it offers a discount compared to purchasing items separately.
  • Add a description and image for the bundle to make it attractive to customers.

The steps may vary, but they usually follow the same flow.

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Configure Bundle Settings

Adjust any additional settings, such as inventory management, discount rules, and how the bundle is displayed in your store.

Publish the Bundle

Once everything is set up, publish your bundle. It will now be visible on your store, ready for customers to purchase.

Promote Your Bundle

Use social media, email marketing, and on-site banners to promote your new bundle and drive traffic to it. This is an important step since many stores are doing bundles, and those who have a better presentation always win

How to create bundle on Shopify without an app

Shopify gives its merchants the option to create bundles, even if they choose not to use apps. Start by creating a new product in your Shopify admin, naming it as a bundle, and listing the included items in the description.

Now Set a discounted price for the bundle to attract buyers. When a bundle sells, you’ll need to manually adjust the inventory of each item included in the bundle to ensure accurate stock levels. This method requires more manual management, takes more time, and may be challenging for new users. As a newbie in the Shopify platform, you’ll need automation options, facilitators, and added options to create the most useful, appealing bundles possible. And all of these can be provided by Shopify apps.

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Fast Bundle, the Shopify bundle app tailored to your needs

Now that you know just how facilitating and good can bundles be for your business, meet Fast Bundle. An easy-to-use, smooth interfaced app, that allows you to customize “everything” in a product bundle, and present it to your customers in the best way possible. What’s great about this app is the various types of bundles it lets you make, and just how much it allows you to play with different options, give meaningful discounts, change the way a bundle will look, and of course manage inventory.

From mix and match bundles shopify option, to simple bundles created in seconds and even “Buy X Get Y” features, everything is at your fingertips. Start using our app now, and level up your bundling game in Shopify!

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