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As a business owner in Shopify, you might have heard about pricing strategies, product kits and looks, bundling, and other things like that. All of these approaches to selling and profiting can be intimidating at first. “Product Bundling” is a term that sellers hear a lot about. But what is product bundling, and can it be challenging to execute?

The answer is not at all! Product bundling can be pretty understandable and straightforward. All you have to do is learn about it and study it’s different types and methods. This is an articulate post about making bundles, how they can help you sell more products and how as a selling method, it can be doable for literally anybody! You will also see some bundle examples to help understand the concept. Lets dive in.

What is product bundling?

Simply said, product bundles are packages made of two or more products that come with a special added value. You might have seen bundles on holidays, Valentine’s, and other occasions. The products come under one SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and will be called a package or a bundle (sometimes a kit, a look, etc). This can affect pricing too (usually giving a discount that appeals the buyers).

In ecommerce, bundling is a technique that sellers and shop owners use to give their customers a new approach. The products are the same, and the shop is the same as it always has been, but the customer has a new way to buy them! This is where the added value comes in. When two or more products come together, they usually come with something exciting: discounts, free products, cash back, etc.

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Best product bundle examples

Many of us faced bundling at a young age when we ate at our local chain restaurant. What is a product bundle, if not a burger, crisps, and drink all in one tray for a good price? This is one of the most simple yet accurate examples of bundling. Here are some more bundle examples to help you understand it:

Skincare package

one of the more popular bundles, skin care products usually come as a package. Is it going to be summer soon? A bundle of sunscreen, bronzing cream, and bright-colored makeup is the way to go. Its christmas? A bundle of chocolate-scented hand lotion, shampoos, and candles can get you more sales.

Tool kits

if you’re a handy person and you have searched for essential tools, you know that most of the time they come with other tools beside them. For example ratchets and sockets, household tools, etc.

Meal deals

As we said before, many restaurants and fast food chains deliver their meals in a package, a type of bundle. They call it combo meals and usually put some side dishes in it, like fries or a milkshake.


In some online shops, if you buy two pairs of socks, the third one is free. This is a popular type of bundle, which we’ll explain later. It can also be used to sell other clothes and fashion items. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, used by even the smallest retail shops.

How to make efficient product bundles?

When you want to start product bundling, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Make meaningful product bundles
  2. Appropriate offer display
  3. Smart promotion

Best product bundle examples are the ones that go through all these steps and make the best of them. The bundle should consist of products that people actually want to buy; pricing strategies should also be considered. No one wants to buy a bundle priced at more than it’s worth! So make sure that if you go through the hassles of bundle making, its worth the effort (both for you and the buyer)

You should also promote and present your bundles in a way that attracts customers and reminds them of what they’ve always needed but didn’t think about it until they saw it in your shop! Sometimes one of the products is so desirable and exciting that the costumer buys the bundle without any second thought. Sometimes seeing the two products together gives them new ideas (like when a Nescafe Box comes with a classic red mug).

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Is my product bundling good?

What is product bundling strategy? Every decision in an e-commerce business should be made with thoughts, strategies, and a vision for the future. Good bundle deals are designed to attract people and help them reach the final decision. Sellers who succeed in the field of Shopify product bundle, are the ones who ask themselves these questions:

1. Does the combination of the items make sense?

Make sure you are bundling items that can complete the shopping experience for your customers. For example, when a customer is looking for a mobile phone, they will probably also look for a protection glass or case. That makes an excellent shopify product bundle. Bundling a mobile phone and its accessories makes sense. Don’t bundle a mobile phone with a terrarium jar!

2. Are the product bundles worth buying?

Does it have a good price? What is bundle pricing strategy doing? Please don’t be stingy when you are setting a discount for your bundle. Most of the time, the main point for a product bundling customer is to get a remarkable discount compared to when they buy the items individually. If your offer is not attractive enough, then your customer may leave your shop and look for the product in another one.

3. Does my bundle look good?

Many sellers overlook this part, hence loosing a section of their customers that may purchase items if their bundle widget is professionally designed and good looking. The best option is to make the widget’s theme and font exactly match that of your website. Use appealing colors and words, things that talk to your customers. If you are not able to design a widget or poster for your product bundles, leave the job to a graphic designer for the best results.

4. Is there a marketing and promotion plan for bundles?

A bundle is in many forms a child to your business. Would you bring a child into this world and just leave it alone to grow up by himself? Exactly!

When a bundle is born (through you putting together some products), many people see it in your website. These are the ones that are online at the right time at the right place. But can there be more audience here? Yes! Bundles should be promoted too!

You might have seen TV ads about department store bundles in holidays (things like Christmas packs, thanksgiving food bundles, etc), or Instagram posts that announce daily discounts for a special brand. After making the bundle, make sure you get it to the people who need it the most. The solution might be email marketing, it can be a billboard, a TV ad or even website banners. Do what works for you.

How does Fast Bundle help you tailor the bundles to your needs?

What is product bundling if it doesn’t help you make more profits and reach more customers? It takes a lot of work and time to make the best bundle deals, present them to buyers, and manage your inventory neatly. This can be challenging both for small businesses and newcomers and experienced sellers. That’s where Fast Bundle helps you.

Fast Bundle is a Shopify app that helps you automate the process of making bundles, set pricing strategies, match the best products to make bundles, and, most importantly, manage your inventory. We offer a wide range of bundle options, from pure bundling (simply putting together the products and selling them as a package) to mixed bundling and more complicated customizable offers that are totally under your control and can be made anytime you want.

Its good to know that as a product bundles Shopify app, Fast Bundle also helps customize the offers. This means you can control how the bundles are presented, from the “add to cart” button to how the customer sees the package to the colors and themes and shop appearance (remember earlier when we talked about the importance of bundle looking good?)

Types of bundles in Fast Bundle

What is product bundling, and how can it be made? Does product bundling come in other shapes and forms? We hope that the first question is answered by now. However, there is more to product price bundling than just putting two products together in a package. By using a product bundle app shopify will be easier to handle, the bundles will be automated, and you will have more free time to focus on your business’s needs and plan for its future. Here are the types of bundling in Fast Bundle (and some product bundling examples):

Standard Bundle

a simple method of bundling in which you include fixed products and fixed quantities (of course, with a discount). If you have a skincare shop, you can sell a $15 Face Cream and a $10 toner in the form of a bundle for $20.

Volume Discount

one of the oldest ones. In this type of Bundle, the second or third (or after that) product will come with a discount. For example, if you buy two $3 tote bags, the third one will cost $1. Many brick and mortar stores use this as a method to sell more to their new and loyal costumers.

Collection Mix & Match

this one lets the customer create a bundle of their own using the products in your shop. This one doesn’t add the Bundle to a cart but directs the customer to “the bundle buidler” page to make their own pack and get a discount on it. In this method, the number and the products are fixed, and customers can get what they want if they are in a specified collection (meaning they cant just select any product and there is a system in place).

Product Mix & Match

Similar to collection mix & match, this method requires a minimum number of products. The products can be selected (and de-selected) from anywhere in the shop, and doesn’t have to be from a specific collection (for example you can select one pair of sucks, one T-shirt and one mug).

Buy X, Get Y

you can tell by the name that this one is about getting gifts or discounted products, after the customer has bought a specific product. This enourages people to buy that product and is a good way to go around holidays or when you need to manage your inventory. Here is an example: around Valentines, if you buy a box of chocolates, you will get a red coffee mug for free.

Frequently bought together

this one is a widget similar to Amazon, adding a horizontal section below the product page that promotes the literall “frequently bought together” products. For example when the customer buys a mineral water, the widget shows that many people have also bought organic orange juice and they can get them as a bundle.

Final thoughts

Now that you have learned about bundle products, you get how they can be used to your profit. From the 6 different types of bundle making, one or two (or more) can be customized to your business, and make it more profitable. Through Fast Bundle, the decision to make combo products and bundles is easier than ever! Just install the app, enter your shopify store and see your products. Now leave the rest to Fast Bundle.

Fast Bundle can work alongside Shopify newbies that need a helper to get on with their work, and the professional shop owners who are scaling their business and don’t have a lot of free time to manually design bundles. The future of your business starts right now!

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