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What is a simple bundle?

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Ever heard of a gift package? Have you ever entered your favorite brand’s website, and seen some items packaged together as one product? This is the basic description of product bundling. A bundle is made when two or more products combine to make a single package. In this article, we are going to talk about a “simple bundle”. The most basic and of course important types of Shopify bundle options. This is what every other type of bundle and product package is based on.

Due to its simplicity, this one is used not only as a Shopify bundle but has been around in brick-and-mortar shops, chain restaurants, chain retail stores, etc for a long time now.

What is a simple bundle and how can we use it to our benefit? Let us learn all about it.

The meaning of “Simple bundle”

You’ll find it in any given bundle app, and of course in brick-and-mortar shops. Bundling is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it has been implemented for decades. Remember the happy meals you used to eat in your hometown’s Mcdonalds (or are you even eating it as an adult?). Bingo! That’s a simple bundle.

Bundling happens when two or more products come together, and form a package that is sold whole. This package always offers an added value (compared to buying each item individually). Sometimes the added value is the time you save, sometimes it’s a discount, sometimes it’s a newly introduced product, and many other things. This exists in online business too, and it can be customized and automated to fit the needs of your shop and fulfill your buyers’ wishes. You might have seen many simple bundle examples at Christmas time (say a chocolate and ornament package), Valentine’s (cosmetics), Mother’s Day (dresses and postal cards), and other occasions. If you think about it, simple bundles are all around us!

The good news is as a Shopify business owner, you can be the one who sets the added value and designs the bundle itself. Using a simple bundle Shopify will allow you to expand your business, increase sales, and give your customers more opportunities.

Some examples of simple bundle

You might have heard this type by the names of “Pure Bundle”, “Standard bundle” or some other phrases. These are all kind of the same but with slight differences. Since a simple bundle is the base of other ones, it’s usually referred to as “standard”. So if hear the name “standard bundle”, don’t fret. Here are some examples of this concept:

  • This is a bundle from one of our many stores: discount supplements. It’s a simple bundle, consisting of 3 different supplements and a shaker. What’s in it? One XL Nutrition XTRA Whey Protein, one XL Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate, one XL Nutrition Shaker, and a berry flavor powder. What’s the added value here? First of all: you’ll save 6.98 euros (as you can see written on the product page), and you don’t have to go buy a separate shaker to make your protein shakes. It just comes with the product.


  • Look at this skincare bundle. Under the name of Dr Susan’s Brighten + Smooth Skin Regimen, consists of two products that aim to help your skin become bright and smooth. Pay attention that a “bundle” can be named other things too, like a regimen, a package, or many other names. The added value here is the $16 discount.


  • “THE ORIGINAL GET STARTED KIT 4-PIECE MINERAL MAKEUP SET” is a bundle made of 4 makeup products, that are all in the category of face makeup. Foundation, finishing powder, a primer, and EPILOBIUM FLEISCHERI EXTRACT. By purchasing these products as a bundle, you can pay in 4 interest-free payments of £9.63.


  • SULTRY EYES BUNDLE is an eyelash product bundle in “Scent Beauty”, one of our shops. This bundle includes the “Be Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Trio Moonscape”, the “I Got You Mascara”, “I Define Eyeliner Galaxy Grey”, and of course a $6 discount.


  • Remember we talked about special occasions and online stores making bundles for them? This is the “LOVED GIFT SET” and is being sold on scent beauty for Mother’s day. It includes a “Loved” body lotion and a perfume from the same brand, in a very lovely pack. Bundles have always been great ideas for gift-giving.


  • Awwa period care is a shop that sells underwear and other products for a better period experience. With women being the main users, its bundles are designed in a way to benefit all girls and women who are experiencing periods. This bundle is made of 1 Skye High (moderate flow) and 1 Lush High Rise – Black (moderate flow). Both of these are products that help blood flow and also protect your clothes from stains.

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What other bundles are there in Fast Bundle?

A Simple bundle is very basic and essential, but it’s not the only way to go if you have a Shopify app store. In Fast Bundle, we make sure you are free to make any kind of bundle with your products. That’s why we designed 5 other types of bundles:

Volume discount

based on the volume of the product, the customer will get a discount. This discount can potentially increase if the volume of shopping carts increases. In other words: the more a buyer adds to their cart, the more discount they get (if you design the bundle like that).

Collection mix and match

mix and match bundles Shopify are very unique ones, that allow the customer to make their own package using different products “in one collection”. For example, they can buy several T-shirts and design their discount.

Product mix and match

This type allows the customer to select between collections and put different items in their cart. This is like a cross-collection mix and match. For example, the buyer can add a pair of socks to their T-shirt bundle.

Buy x, get y

when a customer buys the first product (X), the second one (Y) automatically goes to their cart for free.

Frequently bought together

this bundle puts together the items that are literally “Frequently bought together” by the customers. It’s a good idea to manage your inventory if needed, and also sell more of your chosen products.

How can simple bundling benefit your business?

It’s easy to do

Whatever platform you’re in (Shopify or other marketplaces), the simple bundle is one of the easiest bundles to make. It’s usually the first option on the list, and learning it is also effortless. In Fast Bundle, you can make simple or standard bundles very easily and in a few clicks.

It’s easy to understand (for customers)

Among other types of bundles, customers understand simple bundles pretty easily, because they are very familiar with it, and have seen it all around where they live. Plenty of brick-and-mortar stores use simple bundles as their main selling strategy, so its very common for people around the world to have seen it. Thus, they can navigate it in an online store too.

Provides you with positive reviews

When a customer comes across a bundle (simple or mix and match and of course volume discount), they will automatically become interested in it. Also, bundles sell more compared to unbundled products. Thus, they will get more reviews. The better and more compelling the bundle, the more positive the reviews. Also, you can put some effort and turning negative reviews into positive ones. Contact them, email users, offer them discounts, etc. Simple bundle reviews can get you on the map.

Helps manage inventory

Bundling at its core, can be a way to manage your inventory. How? Imagine there’s a small skincare product that you have a lot of, and need to sell it ASAP, to make space for other products. Through a simple bundle, add one of them to each Shampoo or Facewash (or other related products) and sell them fast. A simple skincare bundle can help a lot of health and beauty sellers sell their products while they’re usable.

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Increases AOV (Average Order Value)

Bundling puts new products in the spotlight, helping customers to see new opportunities each time they have planned to buy from you. If you bundle products together, the orders become more costly (and of course interesting) to the customer, thus increasing AOV in time. There is a lot of potential. Think about it: every time you sell a tennis racquet, it can be packaged with a box of balls too. If the racquet costs $50, with the added balls it can increase to $65 or even more. In time, this will bring more profit for your business.

Reduces your costs

Shipping a bundle of two related products to its niche customer costs less than shipping each of them in a separate order. Of course, you don’t have to bundle “everything”, but sometimes it can be a lot more beneficial to your business to do so. Take a look at your inventory right now, and see all the products that can make potential bundles. Now bundle them each time you have the opportunity, whether it’s Christmas time, Labor Day, Father or Mother’s day, or even the start of school season.

Helps introduce new product lines

Do you have a newly launched product that needs the attention of customers? Just add it to a simple bundle, and introduce it to a wide range of buyers. This can be a kind of marketing effort because it attracts the attention of users who can be potential buyers of the product. For example, if you’re a camp shop, bundle your new travel mugs with camp sets you’ve been already selling.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s called “simple”, simple bundling can help you through a lot of complicated and challenging situations in your business. A Shopify bundle is not simply a way to sell more of a specific product, but it can build trust, good memories, and loyalty in your user base. Look for opportunities to make simple bundles and take advantage of these small but very effective packages. This can be any time: from Christmas to Valentine’s, and from Mother’s day to Labor Day. The simple bundle is a gift that keeps giving, so make the most of it.

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