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The Future of Bundling: Trends to Watch in the Coming Years

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From large, international fast food chains to old brick-and-mortar shops that offer you complimentary products, bundling is not a new practice. Bundle deals are decades- if not centuries- old, and they keep changing and adapting to new market trends. With the ever-changing online market, companies and websites must follow trends in product bundling. This way, they will stay relevant, keep their loyal customers, and, of course, get more sales and profits. You will be surprised by how fast the trends are coming and going and how major the effect of AI is on bundling options everywhere.

In this article, we will discuss some trends in product bundling, dive deep into each coming trend, and try to peek at the near future of bundling strategies. No matter the size and location of your business, these tips and trends will be useful to you. Let’s dive into them.

Why is it important to watch bundling strategies and trends?

As we navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape, bundling—combining multiple products or services into a single package—has become a cornerstone strategy for businesses across various industries.

Keeping up with bundle deals trends and methods is not just a matter of knowing the latest market fads; it’s about anticipating and leveraging shifts in consumer behavior, technological advancements, and competitive dynamics to stay ahead.

As a Shopify seller (or any other marketplace), By closely monitoring these trends, you can gain opportunities to enhance customer value, drive loyalty, and differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace.

Also, as consumer expectations continue to rise (a typical trend in online purchases), the ability to innovate in product bundle strategy can be a decisive factor in achieving growth and profitability. Try to keep an eye on these developments, to overtake your competitors and, of course, have a more clear vision of where the market is going. This forward-thinking approach is like having a light in a tunnel; you can go through without it, but you will definitely fall behind and maybe even stop the journey. Now, let’s read about the trends.

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Personalized Bundling: A package made only for you

Imagine being able to design the bundle of your product package on your own and adding or deleting products, customizing the discount and making it “your own”. Well, as data analytics and AI become more sophisticated and involved in business processes, this is becoming increasingly trendy. Personalized bundle deals are becoming a common practice in Shopify and other stores. In the coming years, we are set to witness a revolution in product bundle strategy making and, on a bigger scale, the e-commerce landscape.

More stores and businesses are now leveraging AI and data to follow one of the most important trends in product bundling and cater to individual preferences and customer expectations. When a customer gets to personalise their bundle, not only will they visit your shop more and more (looking to repeat the joyful experience), but the result will boost the conversion rate and raise customer satisfaction. This also works as a bundle pricing strategy if you give the customer an option to design their discount.

Investing in personalized bundling as one of the most important trends in product bundling requires some technical infrastructure and facilities. So you might have to change some things, acquire new features or hire new people. But its all worth it, since AI and data based decision making is the future of bundle sales promotion.

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Sustainable Bundles: let your purchase help the environment

Online shop customers (generally, people) are becoming more environmentally conscious and care about the products they buy. Nowadays, more and more buyers are thinking deeply about the effect of their shopping behavior on the environment and considering things like animal testing, organic products, etc.

Because of this big global behavior, sustainable bundling practices are becoming one of the more appealing trends in product bundling. This includes using eco-friendly packaging, offering bundles that promote sustainable living, or incorporating products from socially responsible brands.

As a part of the marketing strategy, Highlighting the environmental benefits of these bundles can appeal to eco-conscious consumers and enhance the brand reputation. E-commerce and Shopify businesses can leverage this trend by integrating sustainability into their bundling strategies and marketing efforts. These sustainable bundles target two groups of consumers:

  • The ones that have consistent eco-friendly behavior and make most of their decisions based on environmental consciousness.
  • The ones who like to be environmentally conscious but haven’t found the path yet.Subscription-based bundles.

Everywhere you look in the digital landscape 2024, you will see a subscription-based service. And it’s going to be like this for a long, long time. The subscription economy is booming, and bundling products or services into subscription packages can create a steady revenue stream for e-commerce businesses. This trend is particularly relevant for consumable goods, digital products, and exclusive content. It can also be done in the form of pure bundling, mixed bundling, or even customizable bundling to boost sales.

Offering subscription-based bundles can enhance customer loyalty, provide predictable income, and create opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

This is one of the trends in product bundling: Literally, anyone can include any target audience, no matter the location, age, or income level.
One of the best product bundle examples of this type is Hulu + Spotify Premium. With this purchase, you will get a “Hulu with adds” plan alongside your Spotify subscription, all for $5.99. Of course, this offer is only available for students. “Hulu + premium” is also a great example of product bundle pricing.

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Augmented Reality (AR) Bundling: the newest trend in bundling

Among the companies that bundle products, one can see all types of businesses: from retail to marketing strategy makers, advertising agencies and even this special one: AR bundlers. Now, what exactly is this? Augmented Reality, or AR in bundling, allows buyers to visualise how the bundled items inside the package function together in their environment. Product bundling examples in this field can be home decor items. Imagine a home decor store offering an interactive, online AR experience so you can set up the bundled items (say, a sofa and a coffee table) “in your own living room” and see how they fit and look. This is a revolutionary step in retail businesses and will surely enhance the customer experience and purchase confidence. This way, customers will probably only buy from shops that offer this option, and product returns and surprise bad experiences will become a memory.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is transforming the way customers interact with products online, and is one the best trends in product bundling to keep your eye on in the following years.

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