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Combo products are the most powerful form of product bundling in Shopify

January 15, 2023 

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What makes Combo products so special?

“A fancy image of all of the bundled products plus a meaningful description and an independent product page”; this is the short answer to why combo products have a better conversion rate than normal bundle displays.

Combo products make more sense

Product bundling is not only about giving a discount. The bundled items must make sense to your customers. The concept of “combo products” is highly focused on supporting this dimension of bundling.

The combo product feature gives you the ability to create a whole new product with an independent product page. This means that you can create a name for the bundle, write a description for it, and also show it in a collection next to your other products.

Great for selling kits, looks, or packages

Based on your business, combos may come in handy in different ways. If you have a fashion business, you can create a “look” for the bundled items. If you have a cosmetic business, you can create kits and present all of its items in one picture and pick a fancy name for it.

Bikinis declare 17.5 times higher CTR in combos!

Nothing is better than following the real numbers. The whole idea of this article came from the time that we ran into the performance of one of our clients: Be Ocean Bikinis

These guys have created many combo products besides showing the bundles on their PDPs (product pages). They received 17.5 times more CTR (click-through rate: the percentage of clicks on the add to cart button to bundle views) on their combo products (3.5%) than the bundles on their PDPs (0.2%).

Be Ocean Bikinis is getting 17.5 times more add to cart clicks on their combo products than on their bundles on the product pages

These numbers made us curious to check if this is a general behavior. We randomly picked 3 other shops from our professional merchants and the results were quite the same. You can check the numbers from the following table:

Shop nameBundles in PDP(CTR %)Combo products(CTR %)CTR comparison(times)
Be Ocean Bikinis0.2%3.5%17.5
Koren Publisher2.1%9.5%4.5
Windelwissen.de0.1%2.8%28 (WoW!)

Fast bundle’s combo product vs. regular combo product created from the admin panel

You may ask “Why do I need Fast Bundle?! I create a regular product”.

Yes, you can create a product with the name “The special Christmas look” and choose a picture that includes all of the items of that set, but there are some killer headaches that not only may cause serious regression, but also may lead you to hate Christmas forever!

Inventory headaches

If you create a combo product via Shopify’s admin panel, your customers may think that they’re buying a combo product but you’ll not see the items in the cart. Then you have to reduce the inventory level of each of the items manually. There’s a big potential for human error in the process. With Fast Bundle, you will not have to worry about the inventory level of the items because we’ll update them for you.

Selecting the products’ variants

Imagine that you want to create a combo product with 4 items: One hat, one sweater, one pants, and a pair of socks which have some variants as described in the following table:

ItemVariant typesTotal variants
Hat3 colors3
Sweater3 colors and 5 sizes15
Pants2 colors and 5 sizes10
Socks2 colors and 3 sizes6

If you decide to create the combo product from the Shopify product panel, you have to define 3x 15x 10x 6 (=2700) variants! First of all, Shopify does not support more than 100 variants for a product.

Second, assume it would’ve let you create these variants, two big headaches were still on the table: 1. Your customers would see a very long list leading to a terrible UX and 2. Whenever a combo product was sold or you refilled an item, you’d have to find the variant on your backend and reduce the level of its inventory! These are not some kind of headaches going away with pills, these are killer headaches!

Bad UX if you create combo products with Shopify’s product panel because of many variant options

Neat Combo display when you create them with Fast Bundle

If you create your combo product with Fast Bundle, the app will create its product page in a way that your customers can select the variants of each item in the combo. Then we will update the inventory ourselves and you don’t have to worry about it.

VX3: Reaching 9.5 times more CTR on Combo products than bundles on their PDPs

How are the combos being added to the cart? As a single product or multiple items?

The short answer is both. The default mode of Fast Bundle is to present all of the items of the combo in the cart, separately. In most businesses, customers like to see all of the items they’ve bought as individual items to make sure that they’ve received all of them.

How can I create a combo product in Shopify?

We give you the option to create a combo product for each of your simple bundles and your product mix & match offers. If you are having problems creating combo products, please take a few minutes and watch our tutorial video about them. And if you think that the video is not enough, please don’t hesitate to ask your questions from our support team via [email protected] or by booking a setup/demo session.

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