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Best Bundle app for shopify

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Having a Shopify store means having to do multiple tasks daily, and on a repetitive manner. Dealing with customers, getting new ideas, managing inventory, monitoring discount rates, creating new sales plans, making bundle deals and many many more things that require your full-time attention.

When you have a business with Shopify, you will definitely need all the help you can get, and that is where a Shopify bundle app comes in handy. Shopify has a wide variety of apps, to help you automate processes, optimize sales and make the most benefit from your business.

How should you select the best bundle app for shopify that suits your business and can help you through processes? What standards should an app meet to be called the “best Shopify bundle app”? This article will try to give logical and comprehensive answers to these questions and introduce a shopify bundle app that will help you make the most of your shopify business.

Why you’ll need an app for bundle deals

To have an idea about the best bundle app for shopify, we should first know what makes these apps so necessary. If you open the Shopify app store right now and search “bundles” or “product bundles”, you will see tens of apps for shopify bundles (both free and paid). These apps have a wide spectrum of features for sellers, from designing bundle deals to making discount and offer plans, automating the process of shopify product bundle making and many other facilitating options. Why you should use a shopify product bundle app? because:

They Increase AOV (Average Order Value)

By facilitating the process of bundle making, a shopify bundle app encourages customers to purchase more items together, raising the overall transaction amount. Also, when you set a discount on the bundle, the users are more likely to add additional items to their cart, boosting sales. The best shopify bundle app is one that raises your AOV seamlessly and without complicated procedures.

They Enhance Customer Experience

By using the best bundle app Shopify will provide your customers with a convenient shopping experience, saving them time in searching for complementary products.

Dont forget personalized bundles, the newest trend in bundle making. Shops are now suggesting custom made bundles, based on browsing history and purchase behavior. This can make shopping more enjoyable and tailored to individual preferences.

They Help Clear Inventory Efficiently

Bundle your slow-moving items with popular products to help clear out inventory that would otherwise sit unsold. By using shopify apps, bundles will move faster and sell more easily. This strategy ensures better inventory turnover and reduces holding costs.

Use our bundle app to make different types of bundles with just a few clicks.

They Give You a Competitive Advantage

Are Shopify bundle products without an app possible? Well, yes, you can always manually bundle products within your inventory. But When a store uses a shopify bundle app, they will be able to make bold bundles and good-looking widgets and automate their sales journeys. This will differentiate the store from competitors.
By using Innovative bundling strategies and the best bundle app, shopify will attract more customers to you and encourage repeat purchases from your shop.

They Simplify Promotions Management

Want to give away free products and make special seasonal offers? The best bundle app for shopify is the one that streamlines the creation and management of promotional offers.
Automated bundle setups save time and reduce errors, ensuring consistent and reliable promotions.

They Provide Detailed Analytics and Insights

Many shopify bundles apps provide complete and detailed analytics to track the performance of various bundles. These statistics show you which bundles are most popular, which dates are the best for sales and what kind of customers are being attracted to you. These insights will inform future marketing and inventory decisions.

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What makes the best bundle app for shopify

As we said before, the best bundle app for shopify is one that not only automates your bundling processes but elevates them. An e-commerce business can benefit greatly from tools and apps, the most basic benefit being the saved time and energy. The time and energy that a new shopify bundles app saves for you can be used elsewhere: for example, for marketing efforts, searching for new product lines and thinking about strategy. Here are the main features of the best bundle app for shopify that can be beneficial for every seller:

  • Affordable: if not a free bundle app shopify, you should at least pick one that is affordable to you. Whether it’s a monthly subscription, an annual membership or a personalised price set for the features you’ve selected. The best bundle app for shopify -for you- is one that you can keep using, so if you’re still at the beginning of your business, give up on that perfect picture app designed for big enterprises.
  • Customisable bundle options: nowadays that AI and data studies have taken over the ecommerce scene; it’s important for a bundle app to give the sellers the option to customise the bundles based on their needs (and, of course, their customer’s needs). The best product bundling app, shopify, in this field, is the one that has customisable features and leaves the bundle-making to the user.
  • Advanced pricing features: you should be able to include any kind of discount you want, in any form or amount. Volume discounts and quantity breaks are two popular examples of these in Shopify stores. The app should also include automatic calculation of discounts at checkout to ensure seamless customer experience.
  • AI-driven algorithms: this one is necessary to suggest personalised bundle offers based on customer behaviour and purchase history.
  • Mobile-responsive design: when looking for the best bundle app for shopify, you should seek one with a good display on all devices. A mobile-friendly interface makes sure that the app is a good companion on the go.
  • Full compatibility with Shopify’s ecosystem: the app should be made specifically for shopify and be fully fit with the platform, including themes, checkout processes, and other apps.

Why could Fast Bundle be the best bundle app for shopify

Now that you know what you should look for in the “best bundle app for shopify”, it’s time to meet Fast Bundle. Fast Bundle is a specifically designed app for Shopify that helps users upsell, cross-sell, grow, and customise bundle making. By pairing this app with your Shopify store, you can easily design many different types of bundles with just a few clicks, set your own price, and, of course, give the customers the option to “design bundles themselves”.

All of these options are available in the “Demo Store”, a test store that you can roam through, make bundles, test different features, and see how everything works before subscribing. Here are all the reasons that Fast Bundle can be the best bundle app for shopify:

Various types of bundles (6 options)

  • AI features
  • best bundle app for shopify
  • A comprehensive blog with tutorials and updates
  • Practical and easy-to-use
  • Inventory management options
  • Free trial for new users
  • 24/7 Support

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How does Fast Bundle Work?

In simple words, Fast Bundle is an app that helps bundle, making it easier for you. By using this app, you will have up-close access to sales insights, a panel to manage inventory (and see what’s good for bundling at the time), the help of AI to create “frequently bought together” bundles based on customer behaviour, and of course, the ability to design and customize the color and widget that present the bundle.

The interface is pretty straightforward and easy to understand, and even if you don’t understand what’s going on at first, the support team is there to help 24/7. Just ask your questions through the small icon on the right side of the page.

Here is how to use Fast Bundle for your store in Shopify:

  1. Install the Fast Bundle app via
  2. Go to the Fast Bundle App via your apps page.
  3. Press the Create Offer button
  4. Choose what kind of bundle offer you want to create (Simple bundle, Mix & Match, etc.)
  5. Select the products/variants you want to bundle together
  6. Set a discount on the offer
  7. Specify where you want to display the bundle offer

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