Fast Bundle’s New Pricing Model

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Discover the power of product bundling with Fast Bundle, an innovative Shopify service transforming how merchants sell. Introducing our new usage-based pricing model, designed to grow with your business and maximize your profits.

In the fast-paced world of e-Commerce, standing out from the crowd is a must. Fast Bundle, a cutting-edge Shopify service, is here to help you achieve just that. Fast Bundle empowers your online store with the art of product bundling, allowing you to create appealing packages for your customers. With some versatile types of bundles— like Mix and MatchBundle as Product, and Frequently bought together—you can curate a shopping experience that not only boosts sales but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Your Profits, Your Plan: Fast Bundle’s New Pricing Model

We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking new pricing model, a dynamic structure designed to align with your success. Instead of fixed pricing, our model is based on the revenue you generate from our bundles. We offer a free plan for merchants just starting out, allowing them to sell bundles up to $500. Once your sales cross this threshold, we ask you to upgrade your plan to continue leveraging the power of our bundling system.

Fast Bundle usage-base

Premier Value with Our Fix-Cost Package

If your store is seeing substantial sales volume, we have you covered with our Fix-cost package. Priced at $299/month, this package provides unlimited access to our bundle configurations regardless of the sales volume you generate. This plan is particularly cost-efficient for high-volume stores, allowing you to capitalize on bundling without worrying about incremental costs.

Fast Bundle pricing

Fast Bundle: Your Partner in Profit

In summary, Fast Bundle is redefining the eCommerce landscape with Shopify product bundling. Our new dynamic pricing model reflects our commitment to support your business growth, offering a free entry-level plan and a cost-effective Fix-cost package for higher-volume sales. With Fast Bundle, you pay as you grow, ensuring your costs are always tied to your success.

Start bundling today and experience the difference it makes to your bottom line.

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