Make your own revenue stream
Fast Bundle’s Affiliation Program
How much are you going to get?
of the first month’s subscription
of the shop’s paying lifetime
For example:
Only 20 referrals using the PRO plan = $3600 per year.
Who should read this page?
Shop developers /designers
Shopify influencers/experts
In other words:
whoever can motivate a Shopify merchant to install the app and subscribe to a paid plan.
Why you should choose Fast bundle’s affiliation program?

Bundling has a big market and almost every business and merchant can plan a product bundling strategy that fits their business/shop.

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Fast Bundle is one of the leaders according to search results in the app store and has a great brand awareness among

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We have a wide range of features for merchants who look for product bundling:
Collection and Product mix and match
Bundle as a product for combo products or kits
Bulk volume discount offers
Bundles page
Lots of design customizations
Multi-currency (Shopify market)
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Highly committed customer service team, supporting more than 2000 active shops.

Catch Attentions