This article shows how Fast Bundle is being developed. You can probably find the updates about the features that you are concerned about and see if we have covered your needs or not.

Please note that the log of the updates before April 2022 is not listed but since then, it’s complete.


October 20th

  • Buy X Get Y (Free gift): a new type of bundle that allows you to create a bundle in which customers must buy item(s) X to get a discount on item(s) Y (see the example).
    • Free gift: you can set the discount type to be Free gift in the Buy X Get Y bundle.
    • You can also easily create BOGO offers with this type of bundle (Buy One Get One).

September 30th

  • Bundle preview: previously you were not able to preview the bundles you create without saving them. Now you will see a preview while you are creating a bundle.

August 25th

  • Frequently Bought Together: the first version of the famous Amazon-like Frequently Bought Together bundle that is displayed on the product page of a product.
    • The first version is manual. The ultimate version will be dynamic according to your sales data. (see the example)

Frequently Bought Together creation

Frequently Bought Together in Fast Bundle

The Frequently Bought Together is added to the bottom of the products’ pages

July 25th

  • Set price: if you have a product with different variants with different prices and you want to offer a fixed price regardless of the selected variant, you must use this type of discount.
Set price discount in Shopify product bundling

Set price discount

  • Horizontal design of the bundle widgets: the default design of the bundle widgets were vertical. A lot of merchants believed that a horizontal design would fit their shop better. The horizontal design especially looks very nice on the Bundles page (see the example).
    • Note that the default view of the Bundles page is horizontal now but if you want this version for your products’ pages, you should contact our support team.
Horizontal bundling design

Horizontal design of bundle widgets in product pages

Horizontal bundle widgets

Horizontal design in the bundles page

June 8th

  • Combo Mix & Match: before today merchants were only able to create a combo product for simple bundles. From now on, they can create a bundle as a product for Mix and Match bundles too.
Combo mix and match bundles in Shopify

Combo product mix and match bundle

April 17th

  • Multilingual: If your shop supports multiple languages, now you can upgrade to the Pro plan and change the wording of all parts of the app for every active language on your shop.
  • Bulk action on Volume discount: create a volume discount offer for all of your products or for all products of a collection. Note that this type of bundle may override some of your older bundles. Test it.
  • Items’ priority in a bundle: you can change the order of the items in your bundles.
  • Manual Collection: if you are creating a collection mix & match (bundle builder) for some products that are not defined as a collection in your shop, you can do it right on the spot.

You can create collections on the spot

  • Single bundle as a product: previously, when customers added a bundle as a product (combo product) to the cart, the items would be added in separate rows. Now you have the option to allow customers add the whole combo in a single row.
  • Integrated with Shopify POS: if you want to sell your bundles with the Shopify POS, you can do it with the single option for combo products.

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