In October 2020 we decided to join the big developers’ community on Shopify with a Product Bundling app, named Fast Bundle.

Our churn rate was about 80% in the first days which was horrible and raised a lot of questions:

Is it the design of our bundle offers?

Should we focus on improving the UX of the admin?

Should we add new features?

Our first step was creating a Smart Look account and watching the video of every single session of a shop owner who works with our app. We figured out that most of the customers needed a feature that was not available at the time they were using the app. The next question was What’s the feature people are looking for? The answer was in the feedback coming from them.

In Shopify, it’s extremely important to support customers when they contact you. If you go through the reviews on different apps in Shopify, you’ll see that how important is to fix customers’ problems and answer their questions ASAP.

The First Cash From an Unplanned Feature

We started to choose which feature should we add first to our app. We wrote down everything that our rival apps had, plus a lot of innovative features which could make our app look and work differently than the others, but an email changed everything.

The shop owner wanted to show his offers on his homepage

There was a single product shop that sold some sound gadgets. The owner asked us whether we can show his bundle offers of the featured product on his homepage or not which was a glass of water for us and we said:

“Sure, but you should first upgrade your plan to the Basic plan.”

People may say “stop thinking about what to create; go after what your customers want”, but we have lived this sentence.

If you want to see our app, search “bundle” and scroll down a little bit or go to our page directly.

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