March 9th, was a turning point in our app’s history because a very professional shop decided to use the app: Discount Supplements.

Promote bundle offers on the banner

To get an idea of how product bundling will help you to improve your sales, nothing is better than following success stories and get ideas from their journey. This is the first article of the series.

What does Discount Supplements do?

Discount Supplements (DS) is a UK-based shop that sells dietary supplements for exercise and sports nutrition. They have chosen bundling as one of their main selling strategies and have created a lot of product bundle offers. Their offers have great descriptions, attractive pictures, and irresistible discounts.

Attractive pictures for combo products and irresistible discounts

How did Fast Bundle help Discount Supplements?

As you may know, product bundling is one of the best and easiest strategies to increase the AOV (Average Order Value). DS’s performance is a remarkable case on this subject. The AOV of the store’s orders that included bundle offers was 27% greater than the ordinary orders.

Use all the features right

They currently have 162 active bundles and they are promoting the bundles in different ways via Fast Bundle. They show the bundle offers on the products’ pages, the Bundles page (Offers Page), the Cart Popup, and even their homepage. They have also upgraded a lot of their classical bundles to Bundle as Product (Combo Products) which has a more professional appearance on the shop.

The Bundles Page: Customers can have a quick access to all the bundle offers on the store via the main menu
Displaying some of the bundle offers on the homepage

DS has sold over £276k worth of bundle offers since March 9th, the day they installed Fast Bundle, and we are very excited to be a part of their journey.

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